The Whitby Area Development Trust is about social, economic and environmental sustainability. It’s about promoting and developing the Whitby area whilst retaining and enhancing our heritage, culture, unique character and sense of place.

Created in 2011 by the merger of ‘Whitby Network’ (established in 1984) and the Whitby Area Community Development Trust, the geographical area covered includes the coastline from Staithes to Ravenscar, and the Esk Valley and north east moors.

Amongst its assets is the Coliseum Centre (a former cinema purchased in 1998) which now provides a community café, theatre, high quality office space and meeting rooms for hire by not-for-profit organisations, and self-contained supported residential accommodation for adults with learning difficulties. Other projects – large and small – are undertaken throughout the area.

The trust is an independent registered charity (No. 518451).

  • About the Trust

    The Trust promotes the social, economic and environmental sustainability and community cohesion of the Whitby area.